As public sector organisations strive to improve operational efficiencies and harness IT assets to enhance mission performance, one of their biggest obstacles is the growing complexity of their IT ecosystems.

Traditional IT asset management (ITAM) tools lack the capability to accurately catalogue the entire universe of software, hardware, virtual, hybrid and cloud devices and services in their IT environments. Consequently, many IT teams struggle to monitor an ever-expanding array of IT assets, hampering effective management while increasing cybersecurity risks.

Whether public sector IT leaders are trying to optimise IT asset performance, keep up to date with software patches and support, plan new purchases, perform vendor licencing audits, consolidate data centres, ensure compliance with department architectures or continuously monitor IT assets, they need to know what is actually deployed on their departments’ networks. Gaining the required visibility into IT assets is a data-quality challenge.

Flexera enables organisations to establish efficient processes for collecting and sharing IT asset data across their organisations. Equally important, Flexera enriches the data with valuable product information and market intelligence to provide the insights needed for data-driven decision making. With complete visibility into IT assets, public sector leaders can reduce security risk, increase operational efficiencies and deliver enhanced support to their departments’ critical mission objectives.

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