Many organizations use IBM software products to manage critical aspects of their business. In mid-sized to large enterprise organizations, IBM products often represent a significant portion of their overall software estate where licensing needs to be carefully managed to optimize spend.

As one of the world’s largest software companies, IBM provides thousands of products in its portfolio and uses a variety of license models, contract terms and conditions. These license models can be very complex, causing frequent confusion for organizations trying to control costs while maintaining license compliance.

Download the “Managing IBM License Complexity” White Paper to learn how you can gain control of IBM software licenses and benefit from:

  • Reduced license costs — Understand IBM full capacity and subcapacity PVU licensing and reduce licensing costs with subcapacity licensing, where possible. Effectively manage subcapacity licenses.
  • Understand IBM license models to maintain license compliance — Understand the newer IBM license models including User Value Unit (UVU) and Resource Value Unit (RVU).
  • ‘What If’ Analysis for IBM licensing — Using FlexNet Manager for IBM’s What If analysis capability, understand the impact of hardware and software changes on your IBM license position to avoid unnecessary costs and maintain license compliance.

Managing IBM License Complexity

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