Managing software vulnerabilities in today’s threat environment can be overwhelming. The number of patches you need to deploy each month is already vast and it continues to grow every day. You need to carefully configure and test every patch before you roll it out – otherwise, you risk disrupting critical systems and hampering user productivity. All of that takes more time than you have.

That being said, it’s not surprising that only 1 in 10 patches get deployed. The only way to keep your IT estate safe is to prioritize patching based on business risk, which requires broad and deep insight into the vulnerabilities themselves. You can gain this insight only through accurate, up-to-date vulnerability research and trustworthy threat intelligence.

Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Manager helps you bring order to the chaos:

  • Understand your threat environment
  • Gain intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities to effectively prioritize
  • Leverage extensive vendor patch data for rapid remediation

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