Application patching is very time consuming. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it!

Patching for software vulnerabilities has been trending as one of the most important IT duties in 2019 and we don’t see that trend going away. Enterprises continue to struggle to stay up on their application patching and leave themselves exposed to security breaches.

So why the struggle?

Those responsible for application patching spend more than half their time building patches*

IT spends hours researching each application online to see if an update is available:

  • What’s the latest version?
  • Where can you obtain it?
  • How do you silently deploy it?
  • Can it be customized?

In this highly informative webinar, Bob Kelly, Director of Product Management introduces the new SVM Vendor Patch Module and how SVM research, assessment, and prioritization capabilities (including Threat Intel) can now leverage the largest collection of patch data available!

In this exclusive session you will learn:

  • Why keeping up with patching is a universal challenge?
  • How to effectively prioritize patching efforts?
  • How to quickly publish patches to remediate software vulnerabilities?
* Flexera Customer

Bob Kelly
Director, Product Management

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