SaaS has spread its tentacles throughout your organization – and that’s a good thing. Ease of entry, common sense and normalized methodologies, tools that fit the job (rather than jobs that align with the tools), seamless updates, easy integrations, simple terms, and low-cost are just a few of the reasons SaaS applications have made such an impact.

And that impact has run rampant throughout multiple departments, people, and regions within your company. So the question is how to best control this explosive SaaS growth?

Your company certainly can’t afford to stop the rapid innovation and potential cost benefits, but how are security and compliance maintained, along with controlling costs in such a widely distributed network?

The first priority will be to establish compliance and governance policies for all SaaS products – those that are specific enough to provide control over the flow of critical information, yet flexible enough to provide the opportunity to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape.

In this must-watch webinar, Flexera will demonstrate how to automate your company’s vital SaaS policies, including:

  • Unsanctioned spend alerts
  • Suspicious user activity
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Detecting inactive user accounts

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